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licensing bodies such regulations respecting the pre-

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Honorary Secretaries of the Uakvkiak Society ; Deputy

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another series, blood that has been removed from an


fection to the Deity, who has made a great provision


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and now. thanks to numerous applicants, he has a full

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impossible to persuade him to take the medicines which

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very formidable morbid condition, affecting his tongue.

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labour, not followed by hasmorrhage or any untoward

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of the office of House-Surgeon to that Institution.

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final as regards the chances of retm-n to the world as

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middle lobe of the right hemisphere of the brain ; it

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tion by wi'iting, nor any test of proficiency in com-

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Eastcott, James C, E.sq., Surgeon (additional), to the Excellent.

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sense and judgment, as it is of the best learning and scholarship

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word, I threw great stress upon it, to show that it

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for any permanence in the relief obtained by treat-

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but very feeble pulsation could be felt in the course

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of a steady -burning lamp or candle, and at the same

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symptom of the disease will in a short time vanish.

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di'eds of cases have, however, convinced me that these

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ing becomes impossible without crutches or supports

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travelling expenses as shall from time to time be al-

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dencies, is still scarcely completed. The balance that time